The primary goal of AVIVA PILATES is to create custom programs and innovative classes tailored to each individual.  The programs below are designed to ensure the best possible results for your particular needs!





Learn how to achieve a total body workout emphasizing your "core" in each move that you do. Using specialized equipment called the Reformer. You develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at the same time.


In this fun workout, we incorporate the Pilates ring, small waits, bands, blocks, stability fit ball, stability cushions and small balls into your workout. The goal is to ensure a fun new workout each Class.


Transform Pilates Reformer into a cardio exercises class. This class incorporates the Stott Pilates “Tramp” this gives Pilates an entirely new feel that will challenge your body in new and different ways. 


In this fusion workout, we incorporate the “Barre”concept with the Reformer Jump board. Applying stating work from a typical Barre class to your reformer. You will surly challenge your balance and core stability. Along with long lean musicales.



Rehab Pilates

After surgury our special trained PT Pilates instructor will help you recover. Using the equipment for your rehab needs this workout will drastically improves flexibility and muscle strength. Additionally learning how to emphasize your core though out the session.

Sports Pilates

This Pilates workout is specifically for those who want to improve their performance on the field.  From agility to burst, strengthening your core greatly improves performance.  With that in mind, this workout uses custom designed techniques specifically to benefit athletes looking for an edge.

Golf Pilates

Want to add more distance to your drive? Want to improve flexibility and and strengthen your joints? If you love golf, AVIVAs Custom golf Pilates workout is for you.  Focusing on the joints, muscles and movements that will help you improve your game.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Developed in conjunction with a board certified OBGYN, this program focuses on helping to heal and strengthen the bodies of a Pre and Post Natal women.  Using specialized techniques, this program helps strengthen your core with the goal of avoiding abdominal damage during or after pregnancy.